Stay Focused While Studying

How to Stay Focused While Studying

How many times, while studying, do you realize that you have lost concentration and do not have the slightest idea of ​​what you have memorized up to that moment. This is a very common condition in almost all students, yet there are strategies to increase focus and attention while studying.

Stay Focused While Studying

Before mentioning the various techniques to be used, it must be emphasized that concentration during the study is nothing more than the ability to focus attention on a certain thought, emotion, or action.

Without beating around the bush, here are some good tips that will help you increase your concentration. When the intent is to focus on a goal, there will surely be many obstacles to overcome before reaching the finish line.

To make the above clear, let’s take a very practical example: the time has come to study, yet we open the book but we begin to get distracted with the various objects that surround us.

You open the phone and connect to Facebook and Instagram to see what your friends are sharing, you get up, you get up, you go to get a packet of cookies and go back to the previous station again, but you know very well that all these unconscious habits can be counterproductive.

That’s right, and now we explain the reason for this statement: according to many experts, doing multiple things together at the same time is absolutely wrong because every minute that is lost in distraction costs about half an hour or forty minutes to get back to being focused again.

Problems With Concentration

We, therefore, wonder what are the problems that are felt most and hinder the concentration to study.

Among them are distinguished:

  • little interest in what you are doing;
  • other thoughts leap into the head;
  • several activities are performed at the same time;
  • there are too many noises and concentration is easily lost.

Techniques to increase attention during the study

The first fundamental rule is to organize the study.

It is very simple: take a pen and paper and write the topic you are going to discuss today during the study in the upper left, while in the right part write the time you will devote to the aforementioned subject.

How to Improve Focus

At this point, divide the sheet, or the remaining part, into 2 columns: on the left write the goals to be achieved during the day.

For example:

  • finish the first chapter of the book;
  • summarize the remainder of the book.

After doing this, on the right side write all the activities you put on the left but in terms of priority, starting from the highest and ending at the least important. By doing this you will have clearer goals because you were able to plan the day. Whenever you complete the task, cross it off the sheet.

Zen Studio

At this point, remove from the table everything you do not need because it causes distraction, but leave only the book you need to study, a pen, a pencil, and highlighters.

Eliminate inner voices

By nature, the human being is over-thinking. When the mind focuses on a goal to achieve sometimes thoughts and anxieties predominate. What to do in this case? Next to you, put a post-it note and write down the thoughts that come to mind.

It will certainly lead to moments of distraction, but by freeing your mind from this kind of oppression you will have the advantage of studying much better.

Let your brain oxygenate from time to time

It has been shown that the harder you try to concentrate, the harder it will be to stay focused for too long. Generally, the attention threshold is 45 consecutive minutes and then gradually decreases. To always stay focused and be productive you need to take small breaks, usually every 25 minutes of study, take a 5-minute break.

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