How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

How to schedule messages to be sent on WhatsApp? We all wondered a bit, perhaps with the hope that messages sent with the very popular app to chat with relatives, friends, acquaintances, or partners can be sent at a certain time of a certain day.

Let’s think, for example, of wishes for a special occasion. How many times have we forgotten an anniversary, a birthday, a name day, to send our congratulations for an event (degrees, high school exams, career shots, etc.)? After all, Facebook easily comes to meet us automatically, at least for birthdays, making us appear on the right side of the Home page of who’s birthday on that given day. And by sending us an email to remind us further.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

We must then be the ones to eventually delete the notification, even the one that warns of our birthday. After all, privacy remains a sacrosanct thing and not everyone wants to celebrate. Even if only virtually.

But how to schedule messages on WhatsApp? We know how to send emoticons, documents, photos even taken using the same app, videos, make phone calls, or make video calls. Precisely because this is easily understood and even older people can do it.

But schedule messages on WhatsApp? We find out below.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp on Android smartphones

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp on Android smartphones? Let’s start by saying that, as Libero mail reports, WhatsApp, unfortunately, does not yet have a native function to program messages neither on its own version for iPhone nor in that for Android.

However, don’t think you’ve come across the usual click-catch post. As there is a solution. On devices with an Android operating system, we can use a third-party application to program a message.

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The app in question is called WhatsApp Scheduler. As the name suggests, this application schedules WhatsApp messages to be sent automatically at the desired time to the desired person.

WhatsApp Scheduler how it works

How does WhatsApp Scheduler work? Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and we will see an interface very similar to the one we have on WhatsApp. We, therefore, select the contact to whom we must send a scheduled message. Once this is done, we type the message, set the time and date, and save the text on the app. When the time of day strikes our contact will receive our scheduled message.

All very simple then. It will be like using WhatsApp, with the added advantage of being able to schedule messages.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone

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How to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone? Here the answer is more complicated. As we know, Apple is not as malleable as Android. Indeed, not at all. The only way to send text messages on WhatsApp from iPhone is to jailbreak and then run software called Message Scheduler for WhatsApp.

Message Scheduler for WhatsApp how it works

How does Message Scheduler for WhatsApp work? By executing the jailbreak we will end up voiding our iPhone warranty and it is an operation that requires different knowledge on the subject, as well as representing a risk for the security of the phone with regard to sensitive data.

I would strongly advise against doing this, then. The game is not worth the candle and your dear (in every sense) iPhone. Maybe make an effort to remember the most important events.

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